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Why Choose Matrix Tool as your Tooling/Molding Partner?

Technical Expertise

The work our customers entrust us to complete is challenging, to say the least. To be successful, our employees must possess exceptional talent. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining a highly skilled, team oriented work force in all areas of our operation.

The Tooling Division of Matrix Tool is staffed with skilled Toolmakers who specialize in the fabrication of extremely close tolerance components required by the electronic, computer, automotive, medical and general application markets. While many of todays tool shops employ inexperienced and specialized Mold Making personnel, we still believe strongly in retaining and/or hiring seasoned veterans with significant “all-around” experience in critical machining processes. Here are a few statistics related to our Mold Making Team:


  • On average, a typical Matrix Tool Mold Maker has 20+ years of precision tooling experience in the trade and 16 years of seniority at Matrix Tool, Inc.
  • On average, a Matrix Tool Mold Designer has 27 years of precision tooling and/or mold design experience and 23 years of seniority at Matrix Tool, Inc.
  • On average, a Matrix Tool Leader has 31 years of precision tooling experience in the trade and 24 years of seniority at Matrix Tool, Inc.
  • 76% of Matrix Tool Mold Makers have completed a formal apprenticeship program and received state approved certification in the field of Tool & Die Making.

Our unique combination of seasoned veteran mold makers, diverse technical skill, and longevity with the company, allow us to design and build precision molds that are second to none!

Our technical expertise extends to our Molding Division, which is staffed with production and support personnel that understand precision molding and are dedicated to servicing the needs of our customer. Molding operations are coordinated by an experienced team of degreed Plastics Engineers who oversee project management and production / processing activities. In addition, a team of skilled Processors, Molding Technicians and Quality Assurance personnel help ensure that daily production activities are carried out to produce precision plastic injection components that meet stringent customer specifications. Production molding activities are supported by a dedicated Mold Conditioning and Changeover Department staffed with experienced and seasoned Mold Makers, Debug Specialists and Changeover personnel. Our unique combination of technical know-how, diverse skill, and precision molding experience has allowed us to evolve into a molding operation that is committed to responding to customer needs and offering planned solutions to difficult molding challenges.

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