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Why Choose Matrix Tool as your Tooling/Molding Partner?

State of the Art Equipment

We’ve established an excellent reputation in the market place with proven success tackling extremely difficult projects. One reason for our success is our willingness to invest in state of the art equipment technology that not only expands our capacity, but also enhances our capability. Our tooling and molding divisions have made significant ongoing equipment investments to keep pace with technology and support automation and efficient operations wherever possible. In addition, we’ve partnered with reputable equipment OEMs that share our values related to exceptional products backed by exceptional performance and service.

We’ve invested heavily in tooling technologies that support tight tolerance manufacturing and unattended production. Machining technologies include Wire EDM machine centers; CNC EDM machining centers; CNC Milling Centers, including high speed graphite / electrode construction machinery; and high-end CAD software to support efficient product and mold design and integration with our CNC tooling technology.

In addition, our molding division has been equipped with state of the art hydraulic and electric molding presses to ensure process efficiency and repeatability. Each press cell is complimented with the necessary support equipment to ensure an efficient molding operation that produces quality components that meet customer specifications. Support equipment includes material driers, granulators, conveyors, water temperature controllers/ thermolators, chillers, oil temperature controllers, robotic sprue pickers and/or servo robots, thermal cameras, etc. All presses are outfitted with sight glass vacuum loaders, portable drying systems and separate vacuum loaders which are tied into a central solid state controlled vacuum system. Matrix Tool also utilizes a 5 ton and a 1/2 ton overhead crane and a closed loop central cooling tower system. We maintain a controlled molding environment and coordinate all material handling, drying and process support activities in confined areas separated from the manufacturing area. Our facility is air conditioned and contains a fire control sprinkler system.

We put a lot of thought into our technology needs and facility layout so that our customers can maintain confidence in our ability to consistently meet their demands and tackle their toughest challenges!

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