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Why Choose Matrix Tool as your Tooling/Molding Partner?

Project Management Approach

Regardless of the scope of any contract, we look at each project as a custom job that needs to be managed in a proactive manner. This ensures that customer requirements are not only met or exceeded, but that they are understood and monitored throughout all phases of a project.

We implement an advanced quality planning process that incorporates a Project Manager and a cross functional team. The team is responsible for coordinating project specific activities and ensuring that all customer requirements are met, including budgetary requirements, technical requirements and delivery/time-to-market requirements.

The activities of each project management team are supported by:
• Exemplary work systems and work procedures to support our IATF and ISO Certifications
• Consistent mold construction and molding standards
• A fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that allows for efficient
monitoring of all manufacturing activities on a “real-time” basis
• A fully integrated Product Data Management (PDM) system that allows for efficient
electronic data control, protection, and back up
• Regularly scheduled communication at key stages of each project

We manage every project so that we meet our delivery commitments and work to exceed our customers expectations!

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