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Small Part / Micro Molding

Micro Molding is our expertise.   Have you dealt with companies that employ the same industry practices established decades ago without question?  Would you like to work with a company that is redefining what is possible in tooling and molding in real-time?  If so, reach out to us!  An ever decreasing sizes of products and features and an ever increasing need for tighter tolerances in the industry has created the need for a highly specialized manufacturing segment often referred to as Micro Molding.  Beyond truly microscopic product, there are every varying definitions and boundaries around what is considered “Micro”.  Everyone wants to do more with less, so what was considered Micro several years ago may not be today and so forth.  While overall part size most often defines what is considered micro molding, larger and longer parts with many smaller intricate features also fall under the micro umbrella.  The ability to mold small intricate features efficiently is simply not possible using traditional molding machines with conventional processing methods.

Our Specialty

Matrix Tool Inc. specializes in the design and construction of micro and high precision plastic injection molds as well as the molding of micro and tight tolerance plastic injection molded components.  We offer a full array of capabilities to provide complete turnkey solutions to the most difficult projects involving mold design, construction and qualification, production molding and dimensional inspection.  Specifically, we specialize in complex features and geometries whereby engineering grade resins are used.  We often refer to this as our “sandbox” as that’s where we showcase our ability to excel where others traditionally struggle.  We often say constraints are only bound by imagination and we believe that is what we’re seeing today.  What we consider difficult is constantly being revised in real-time, meaning what is challenging today isn’t as difficult tomorrow.  Our involvement in micro molding, which we classify as Small Parts Molding (SPM), was a natural progression of the high-precision niche work for which our customers have always relied upon.  We found that controlling the process from the mold design and construction through production molding with traditional molding machines and conventional methods was no longer sufficient for us to maintain the quality and process capabilities our reputation is based upon.  Experiencing these challenges incurred with the steadily decreasing size and wall thicknesses of our customers’ products and product features, we knew there had to be better way.  In order to over come the challenges presented, we began our Micro Molding Initiative.

Matrix employs between 12 and 18 degreed engineers with the majority of them coming from Penn State Plastics Engineering Technology program and several other Mechanical Engineers by trade.  We conduct additional in-house training with several engineers Master Molder I and II certified through RJG.  In addition, a large number of  our tooling staff are journeymen toolmakers with several being full-time tool designers.  This unique mix of skills allows Matrix Tool to offer our customer’s cutting edge engineering services.  We are creating a synergy where all areas of the process are continuously challenged and improved upon to make the most of our creative designs and layouts, our highly advances and specialized capital equipment in tooling and molding, and out technology, people and processes to achieve smaller footprints, increased repeatability and throughput at high levels of quality.  We refer to this as…

“The Matrix Way”

There are many challenges that come with Micro Molding.  For example, mold design and construction challenges may include small feature tooling, working within a reduced mold base footprint, handling of delicate tooling and preventative maintenance.  Processing challenges such as minimum shot size constraints and excessive residence time, filling and packing issues from thin walls to gate freeze.  Post processing handling of finished good offers its own challenges such as part handling, containment and inspection.  Every part comes with its own unique set of manufacturing challenges and understanding a viable solution upfront is our key to success.  To overcome these challenges we apply our own process that we refer to as “The Matrix Way”.  We push the industry envelope to continually redefine precision manufacturing paradigms.  In parallel, we apply lean manufacturing principles to every stage of the process from our approach, design, and construction through molding, inspection and finished goods in a structured way to reduce waste.  This process allows us to accomplish the goal of making parts as efficiently and repeatedly as possible with minimal material waste and risk to us and our customers.  We believe that the right people in the right places who are deeply engaged in pushing the normal and not accepting the status-quo, are the key to making this process work as efficiently as it does.

Press Type and Support Equipment

Matrix Tool utilizes Sodick Injection Molding Machines, customized at Matrix, that have a barrel ounce capacity of 0.15 to 0.47 ounces and a tonnage range of 20 to 60 tons.  Our customizations help us achieve additional efficiencies and additional capabilities that help us achieve and surpass our customers’ quality requirements.  These machines offer excellent processability and repeatability that has proven to meet the ever growing miniaturization trends in the electronic connector and data transfer markets.

  • For more detailed information on our micro molding capabilities, please click the following hyperlink to view, print or download our Small Part/ Micro Molding Brochure.
  • For a basic summary of all our injection molding machines, please click the following hyperlink to view, print or download our IMM Overview Platen Chart.
  • For more detailed specifications on each molding press, please click the following hyperlink to view, print or download our IMM Detailed Platen Chart.

Each press cell is complemented with the necessary support equipment such as vacuum material loaders, material drying systems, water / oil temperature controllers, etc.  Press cells are also equipped with RJG capabilities, multiaxial robots, sprue pickers, thermal cameras, and inspection cameras that are used for jobs that require the additional automated advantages.


Quality Assurance starts with the design and constriction of the high precision tooling and requires advanced input from team members representing all functional areas including mold design, mold construction, process engineering and quality engineering.   Quality considerations need to be evaluated as early in the process as possible in order to determine any unique issues necessary to maximize the success of a micro molding / SPM project.  As parts get smaller, the total tolerance follows suit.  This can lead to metrology challenges typically revolving around appropriate tooling related equipment needed to machine the ulta-high precision components, as well as specialized inspection equipment that allows for the verification of steel dimensions and final molded part dimensions. Specialized inspection equipment used to inspect parts include magnification aides such as high magnification optical comparators and microscopes, high resolution optical gaging / video measuring equipment, high resolution camera systems and automated in-line vision inspection systems.

Additional Information:

If you are interested in obtaining additional information about Matrix Tool’s Injection Micro Molding Services, please email our Molding Division Manager, David Moyak, or contact us at info@matrixtoolinc.com based upon the nature of your inquiry.

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