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Your interest has earned you a special discount for new customers of Matrix!

As a visitor of ours at MD&M Minneapolis 2019, we’d like to offer a special discount for your first tooling order or molding
transfer to Matrix quoted between 11/1/2019 and 5/1/2020 and placed prior to quote expiration.

Enter MatrixMD&M2019 on your first P.O. to receive either:

      • (1) 5% discount on your first new tooling design and construction order with Matrix; or
      • (1) free sample, inspection report (to Matrix FAI standards), and tool evaluation (which would include a quotation
        for any corrections, where necessary) for your first new qualifying molding transfer awarded to Matrix.

Please feel free to visit the rest of our site and reach out to me with any inquires you may have!

Kind Regards,

Tom Moyak, Sales Manager
(814) 474-5531

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